OKR Status

Progress options:

This feature lets you mark the progress of your OKR choosing from the options

  1. At risk - If you need anyone's help in achieving that particular key result, Mark your status At risk.
  2. On track - If you are able to achieve your targets on time mark your status as On track.
  3. Has issues - If you haven't achieved as much as you expected mark your status as Has issues.
  4. Done - If your key result has been achieved mark us Done.

How it works:

Go to the OKR you want to mark the progress of and click on the  dropdown option to mark the progress of that OKR.


Marking the progress serves the great purpose of analyzing and keeping a check of various different objectives and their key results.


You can conveniently mark the progress of your OKRs using this feature and decide on what shall be your next steps in terms of Team goals.