Notification Alerts

Today being updated and taking instant action is the key to staying ahead in the competition. Businesses are involved in so many processes. Be it in development, marketing, sales, or any other segment, it is important to be aware of the key events to take timely action on them.  

Teams are leveraging this opportunity and influencing their customers by making proactive moves. In Channel, we provide developer-friendly APIs so that any customized event can be integrated and you can get its alerts in real-time in a dedicated channel to stay updated. Some examples are-

1. Notification of signup or order placement

Why wait for the end of the day to know your sales?

Receive alerts every time a user places an order for your product or signs up for your service. Our APIs will integrate with your existing workflow and provide you with real-time updates on your customers so that you can engage with them with the required approach quickly. 

2. Notification of inactive customers

If you would know your inactive customers early, you can put effort to interest them and maybe convert them. Get an alert if the user has signed up but is not actively using the service. Connect with them at the right time and re-capture them. It would also help you to collect valuable feedback from them.

3. Notification of event failures

Receive instant notifications for events like app crashes, login failure, payment failure, etc. Identify and work on them without delay to provide prompt service to your customers. Control your downtime and be ahead in customer experience.

We aim to automate your process and save your time spent on checking for the important information by providing it to you in Channel. By being informed, you can plan better and make effective strategies. 

Just inform us of the alerts you would wish to receive, and our team will integrate them for you into Channel.

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