How can we Join and leave channel

Join and leave channel:

This feature lets you join a new channel.

How it works:

Go to channel where you can see shall find either of the two options in front of each channel available, which are Leave OR Join, depending on whether you have joined the channel or not. Against every channel, you shall find an option to either Join OR Leave it.

To join private channels, you will have to request to join them-

Once your request has been accepted, you will have access to the channel.


Join OR Leave channels serves the purpose of joining or leaving channels as per requirement. If there is a channel that is no longer useful for you, in case you have newly switched to a different product, you can leave this channel and join the channel concerned with the new product.


With one click, you can either join a channel or leave a channel, depending upon the requirements. In case, you are having multiple product based channels and want to overview the progress through quality of conversations, you can join all those channels and keep a track.