How to get email id for your custom domain

If you’re serious about growing your business then investing in a custom email address is the way to go. Confused which provider to choose? 

Worry not, we have shortlisted some email providers for you.

Now that you have your own email domain, you would want to create email addresses on it.

In SPACE Inbox, you can create email addresses on your custom domain and can manage your inbox effectively. By using a shared inbox, Teams can stay in sync without any effort.

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Steps to create an email id on your custom domain-

1. Verification-

2. Add users

Add users from the crew section by their email, username, and password. The users can sign in via the same email and password. The users can sign in via the same email and password.

3. Allow multiple user access to emails

A Shared inbox allows multiple users to access a single email id and assign emails.
Now if you want to use a shared inbox, you can add users to a particular mail.

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How a custom email domain can be useful for your business-

#1 It helps customers to find you easily

Finding an email address in an inbox is a tedious task. It is more tedious if it ends up with @gmail/or any other free email extension. The reason is, everyone uses them for their personal usage. On the other hand, if your email address ended with a custom domain then finding an email is comparatively simpler. 

This aids your customers and clients to contact you easily, thereby fostering good and easy communication channels. After all, communication is the key to growth and success. 

#2 Get Instant Branding and Trust

By using a free email service, you are not promoting your own business but, promoting the free service providers – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. 

By getting email on your domain, you will be promoting your own business brand with each email communication is good for your business’s brand image as it helps build trust, credibility, and confidence in your customers.

#3 Seem Bigger and Organized

You can create a number of email IDs on your own domain name like,,, etc., and even assign each employee a separate email ID with his name.

With this, your business seems bigger and well-organized with different departments to handle different issues.

#4 Get Better Security and More Privacy

Free email service providers offer very few security and privacy features that put your critical business data at serious risk. Having your emails on your own domain makes your communication and confidential data more secure as you can add as many security measures as you want.