1. Share files and access them anytime

Share all types of files securely and find them easily in every conversation. Upload or drag and drop multiple files at once. Send high-quality files quickly.

2. Message Searching

Don’t waste time struggling to find information shared in the past. Work faster by having everything accessible to your team in real-time. Search for conversations and get results in the blink of an eye. 

3. Shared channel

Shared Channels allow you easy collaboration with the people outside your organization. Both teams can send messages, share files, be connected, and work seamlessly. Have flexibility with access control at the same time. 

4. Reply

There are situations where a discussion is not required on a message and just a single reply would suffice the purpose. Don’t increase chaos by creating multiple threads even when not required. Just reply to that specific message so the receiver knows the context of your reply even when it gets lost in continuous conversations.

5. Thread

Often the DM/channel gets flooded with the discussion on a particular message and other messages either get ignored or creates havoc in the chat. Creating a thread on a message allows you to keep the discussion organized and retain the original context. Your workspace looks clean making it easier for replying, reading, and searching.

6. Mute notifications

Not all the messages from all the conversations are worth your attention every time. While you need to focus on working on something important, you can mute notifications that distract you. Then, you won't be bothered by any notifications from that chat unless you are mentioned explicitly. 

7. User groups

Create groups for people working on the same thing and avoid the effort to add them individually every time. All of them can be added, mentioned, and notified with a single click by using the group name.

8. App integration -

Connect Channel to the apps your team already uses and be notified of them in Channel. Have a dedicated app marketplace where it is easy to integrate the app into your workspace and use it with your team. Save time checking different apps frequently by bringing them to Channel.

9. Talk to yourself

With Channe’s DM, you can have a self-talk place too. You can use it for quick reminders and notes to catch on later from any device. It works the same as other DM where you can send links, and files, and access the same other functionalities as on any other message.

10. DM on/off (Coming soon)

Every organization has a different structure and set of rules. So Channel also provides communication restrictions if required. Administrators can restrict communication among specific users and groups.

11. Shortcuts

Save time and increase productivity using quick keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Channel and take actions on a message.

12. Categories of channels (Coming soon)

Every channel is created with a different purpose i.e. discussions, sharing information, announcements, and time span i.e. auto close, never close, uncertain. So we have different categories of channels with various controlled permissions that you can create as per your requirements.

13. Grouping of channels (Coming soon)

To communicate better, separate channels are created for every discussion. But these discussions can be related to each other and so we make them easily reachable to you by grouping them in the sidebar. 

14. Schedule send (Coming soon)

Productivity at work involves using the right approach to work. Even while communicating, you can save time by using the right way. Instead of setting a reminder to send a message or follow up, you can schedule a message to be sent later. Set a date and time and continue your work, rest assured that your message will be sent t the right time whether you're at your desk or on the go.