How to initiate a call

Calling people:

This feature lets you call people in chat.

How it works:

Go to the channel or to chat with a person you want to call and click on the call option.

Individual call-

Option to accept or reject when someone is calling you-

You will receive this alert even if you are already on a call. You can choose to reject the call or cut the current call and accept this call.

Channel call-
When someone calls in a particular channel, all the members of that channel will receive a notification of the call and the person who has generated it.

The call button at the right top corner of the channel will be replaced by the "Join Meet" button.

Also when you hover the mouse over users who have joined, it displays their name


Calling serves the purpose of having an audio/video conversation with one individual or with groups, you shall be redirected automatically to SPACE meet while availing calling option.


Calling individuals to have an actual audio conversation is an effective way to discuss various things related to the project. You can also have a team call by including all the team members and deriving solutions. You also have the option to screen share to the entire call.

Refer this video to see more in details -