Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM- How to integrate with MSG91?


You can integrate MSG91 with your Zoho CRM which helps you in connecting with your customers using MSG91 SMS. Instantly send SMS using predefined and customizable SMS templates.


1. Open your Zoho Book account. Click on the 'Settings' button available on the Right-top of the screen. Go to the Marketplace > All options from the list.

2. Search MSG91 from the search box. Click on MSG91 Campaign for the Zoho CRM option.

3. You can click to install.

4. Click on Three Dots available on the right top of the screen for configuring MSG91 API.

5. Click on the Settings button enter your MSG91 Authkey and save it.

For the authkey, please refer: https://msg91.com/help/MSG91/where-can-i-find-my-authentication-key

6. For a Bulk Request Click on the Contact > Click on the Select all check box > and click on MSG91

7. Select the Campaign from dropdown.

 8. After selecting the campaign map the variable accordingly.(As per your MSG91 Templates)
Then click on the Run button.