What is Hello?

"Hello" is a Customer Communications Platform.  It allows you to manage your queries together using an Inbox and makes it easy to personally communicate with them with targeted content, behavior-driven messages, and conversational support.

What does Hello include?

If you have a website and/or mobile application you can use Hello for below features :

Who uses Hello?

Sales teams who want to talk to the visitors on their website to answer their questions and help them become customers. 

Product teams looking for product feedback and insight into how users engage with their product.

Support teams who need a smarter & quick solution than email to provide better support to their customers.

Marketing teams who need to introduce new launches to their existing customers via WhatsApp using Hello Android App.

Step-by-step process to configure HELLO-

Is Hello for you?

If you would like us to answer any questions, book a meeting with us at https://msg91.com/contact-us, and evaluate if Hello is right for your business.

You can refer to below mentioned video guide to know more about Hello (Contact Center):