Voice Redesign Template Change

Voice Redesign Template Changes:

1. Custom Content Inclusion:

- Users can now add custom text, variables, and existing files directly into

the template.

- Text content (if any) is internally transformed into a file format.

- If the text content comprises at least 8 unique characters, the first 8

unique characters are used as the text_file_name but if the text content

contains fewer than 8 unique characters, an additional 8-character slag is


- In the UI,files highlighted in green indicate an active file, while file with

red indicates the file is inactive. Additionally, to use files in campaign or

template calls, file approval needs to be done.

2. Custom Voice Selection:

- User have the ability to specify a custom voice_name for each


- The playback of variables and text within the template will be according

to chosen voice_name.

3. Support to play Active and Inactive File in template playback :

- User can add both active and inactive files to the template, but when you

make a template call if any inactive file exists in the template then that file

will be skipped to play in a call.

- During template playback, users have the option to select from multiple

versions of a file. However, during a campaign or template call, the active

version of the file will be played.