Voice calls from Hello Web

How to make Voice calls from Hello via Web

1. Login to your MSG91 account and open Hello.

2. Click the Call icon.

3. To connect VPN, download the Wireguard application from the download option given. Add an empty tunnel in Wireguard and copy the credentials from the copy icon in Hello in the tunnel in Wireguard. Save it and Activate it from Wireguard. Then click on the Reconnect button in the Call modal.

Caller ID will be visible in the From field. In case of multiple caller IDs, click on the field and select from the list shown. In the To field, enter the number to be called.

4. Click on the Call button to place a call. You can choose the preferences for incoming calls from the Incoming calls dropdown

5. Select Off to not receive incoming calls, Web to receive incoming calls on the web, Phone to receive incoming calls on the phone, and Web+Phone to receive incoming calls on both web and phone. In the case of Phone, calls will be received on the mobile number linked to your MSG91 account.