Shopify- How to recover abandoned checkouts using WhatsApp Messages

You can integrate MSG91 with your Shopify store to send WhatsApp Messages if the customer abandons checkouts.

You can follow the below steps:

1. Integrate Shopify with the MSG91. Please refer to the LINK.

2. Create a campaign in the MSG91 account with a WhatsApp template. Please refer to the ARTICLE to create a campaign.

Note: If you want to create a button with the recovery link. While adding the URL for the button add the shop's domain name and then add a variable for the checkout slug.

3. Create a trigger in Shopify for abandoned carts by selecting the WhatsApp campaign created earlier.

A. Campaign: Select the campaign with the Whatsapp template.

B. Shopify Event: Select Abandon Checkout

C. Send Abandoned Checkout Trigger After: Enter the time after which you want to send a WhatsApp message. The time should be more than 15 minutes.

D. To Mobiles: Select the customer's mobile on which you want to send a WhatsApp message.
E. Variables: Map the variables in the WhatsApp template.
F. For button: Select Recover Checkout Path (Whatsapp).

Note: If you select Recover Checkout Path (Whatsapp). You will receive the slug after the domain name.