Prepaid Balance and Auto renew


What is prepaid limit:
Prepaid balance is the balance reserved for Whatsapp usage only. This can be recharged from wallet to a particular subscription and is non refundable to wallet. This balance gets carry on to the next month, if not used. This balance will be used for your whatsapp usage before any consumption.

Once you subscribe to Whatsapp services you will be able to see the option of adding the prepaid balance there. Find below the screenshot where you can add the prepaid balance by clicking on sign +. 

Once you click on + sign popup like this will appear and you will be able to add the amount you dedicatedly want to use for Whatsapp services, which will be non refundable to wallet.

How does auto renewal works:
To avoid any failure issues due to low prepaid balance, you can setup Auto-Recharge setting for that subscription. We will automatically then recharge your prepaid balance with the specified amount remaining prepaid balance goes below the threshold amount specified in the auto recharge setting.

Click on the pen icon besides the auto recharge option to turn the auto renewal on and to also add threshhold limit.

What is threshold limit

The threshold amount is the minimum balance required in a prepaid account. If the remaining balance drops below the limit, the account automatically recharges with a set amount to ensure its stays funded enough, This prevents any problem caused by running out of balance.

From the options given below, you can add the threshold amount which will be the minimum amount and recharge of amount which you will add to "recharge amount ".

and this is how you can add prepaid balance to the wallet.