How to use phonebook in segmento

If you want to send personalized messages to multiple people at multiple times you can do so by creating a contact group in your phonebook.

Instead of adding multiple numbers when sending a message you just have to create a phonebook once and you can use it multiple times. Either create contacts manually, upload your file in the phonebook, create unique fields or you can create a record from API. 

Once done segmento will help you to use data for sending SMS, Running campaign, or sending Emails.

Here is how you can use this feature phonebook in segmento.

1. Click on the Default phonebook, which was automatically created according to your account name in Segmento.

2. After clicking on the default phonebook, a pop-up window will open. It is shown below:

3. Enter the name here.

4. Now you can either create contacts manually or upload using a CSV file.

Once you upload your file, Map your data as per your requirement.


You can see the logs of the contacts imported in the Import Logs section near contacts. Here you can filter by import date and its status.

5. To create manually select Add contacts > enter the details.

6. You can add a unique field from the column setting section, Go to the column setting then select the Add Column option at the top right corner of the page, and enter the required details.


Once you add the details you will be able to see your field in your data.

To create a record from API just visit this doc - Select phonebook > Add contacts > Enter the details.

After the group has been uploaded, Just select the Launch Campaign button and select your communication type as per your requirement. You can Launch a Campaign using these contact groups.

You can also import existing phonebook data to segmento, Refer to this doc to see how it works.