How to send SMS in WebEngage with MSG91

Follow the below steps to integrate MSG91 in WebEngage:

Step 1: Select  MSG91 from the List of Available SSPs. 

Step 2: In doing so, you will be prompted by a configuration modal. Fill the necessary fields:

Step 3: Add a user-friendly name in the Name your Configuration field for easy recognition. 

Step 4: Add API Key from your MSG91 Dashboard.

Step 5: Add the telephone country code of the location to which you'll be sending the SMSs.

Step 6: Enter the DLT ID. (Applicable only if you are sending messages to users located in India via a domestic messaging pipeline. International messaging routes remain unaffected.)

Step 7: Now Click ADD SSP.

Add WebEngage Webhook URL in MSG91 

Adding the WebEngage Webhook in MSG91 will enable us to receive delivery status notifications for each user. This includes indicators like the message delivered, failed, and queued.

Step 8: Go to Integration > SMS

Step 9: Click on the three dots in the right hand corner and click on View Webhook URL

Step 10: Copy the Webhook URL. 

Step 11: Now go to the MSG91 dashboard and paste the Webhook URL.


Throttling is a process that is used to control the usage of APIs by consumers during a given period. You can define throttling at the application level and API level. The throttling limit is considered cumulative at the API level. 

Step 12: Go to Settings>Throttling

Step 13: Specify the maximum number of messages that can be sent per minute, through a running campaign for each channel and click Save.