How to send SMS from the MSG91 mobile application?

You can log in to the app with the same credentials as your web application. SENDING SMS

1. Campaign: Create a new campaign to send the SMS. Once you create it with a particular group from the phonebook, you can always just select the same campaign, compose the SMS and it will be sent to the selected mobile numbers (hence saving the time of selecting numbers every time).

2. Select the route by which you want to send the SMS. Here you can also see the balance of both routes.

3. Once you complete the above steps, you will see the preview of the campaign.

You can click on Schedule to send the SMS at a particular time in the future. Or can click on "Confirm sending 1 SMS" to send the SMS. (You can add multiple numbers, this screenshot is for demo purposes and hence only one number is displayed.)


1. You can create groups and add contacts to them.


1. Here you can see the delivery report of all the campaigns done. You can filter the summary by the time for which you want to see the delivery report.

NOTE: You can also send the SMS without the internet connectivity (only for Android)

*Normal cost for SMS would be charged for every number to whom the SMS will be delivered.