How to complete domain verification ?

There are two types of records. TXT and MX.

TXT is only used for sending emails whereas MX is used for receiving emails.

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To add TXT records:

a. Access your Cpanel & go to the DNS editor section to update the records:

b. Select record type as TXT

c. Under the "Name" section add your Domain name

d. Under content enter the first SPF1 value provided in DNS settings, Please find the reference screenshot below:

e. Add another TXT record type as TXT.

f. Under the "Name" section add your domain name (Copy the hostname from the spaceship to the domain from the DNS record)

g. Under content enter DKIM value (Copy the whole value from DNS record). Please find the reference screenshot below:

Check the status by clicking Verify option under Domain Settings in Email.

In the same way, add the MX record into the Cpanel for verification as it is mandatory to add both for using email services.


MX records are used for receiving email and are technically not required for a sender domain, but due to spam, receiving servers may reject emails from a domain without an MX record. They specify the mail server responsible for handling incoming and outgoing emails for a specific domainSo, it is mandatory to verify the MX records for the domain on MSG91 to ensure successful email delivery.