How to Allow and Block specific countries from sending SMS

MSG91 enables you to completely control which countries your SMSes are sent to. With the help of our blocking & allowing capabilities, you can easily set your regional preferences and restrict your SMS traffic to the targeted countries & audience. 

Managing your SMS traffic by strictly restricting specific geographical regions can help you to:

You can allow or block a specific country from sending SMS by following the steps below:

Step 1. Login to your MSG91 Panel and select the Settings option by clicking on the dropdown beside the username of your account on the top left. Select the Settings option. You can also access this dropdown from the bottom left if you are inside any service dashboard.

Step 2. Select the Limit Communication option and you will see the country names with their Prefixes & Statuses. You can take the required action on any specific country by clicking on Block or Unblock Action. 

You also have options for Blocking all countries and Unblocking all countries.

Apart from this, you can even add a price limit for any specific country.

To assist you in navigating and utilizing the Settings section effectively, you can refer to the below comprehensive video guide.