How does the requestbin work? How to check if the webhook for DLR is working?

Request Bin provides you with a URL on which you can check if webhooks for DLR are working properly.

You can follow these steps to see how you will receive the data on your URL:

1. Go to

2. Click on Create a RequestBin or it is recommended to create a Public Bin for testing.

Landing Page for RequestBin

3. Copy the URL

Temporary Testing Webhook URL

4. Paste this URL in the webhooks, and send an SMS

Webhook Option in MSG91 SMS tool

5. Click on the bubble to view the data received on this URL

Response received

For reference: the response will be 

"root":  "data": "[{"senderId":"sndotp","requestId":"3364427XXXXXXXXXX7313839","report":[{"date":"2023-04-28 20:27:05","number":"9188XXXXXXXXX","status":"1","desc":"DELIVERED"}],"userId":"000010","campaignName":"API"}]"