Call Monitoring

  Monitoring Calls

Welcome to our most helpful feature for improving consumer services - "Call Monitoring" and Explore real time insights and take control of calls on calls.

Below are the simple steps to effectively monitor calls.

Go into the voice services and click on call monitoring in the left hand corner. you will be able to see the ongoing calls of authorized company. 

Note* only authorized people of the company can access the feature.

Voice Tool

Apply filters if you want to monitor any specific call.

Call Monitoring Panel  

Click on spy to enter into the call, and now you can hear the call secretly.

Call Monitoring Panel

Press 5 from the dialpad in order to whisper the call.

Press 6 from the dialpad in order to barge the call.

Press 4 to go back on spy.


If you want to go back on any other option you can press the Designated keys again

Introducing Enhanced Call Monitoring Features!

We are excited to announce a powerful addition to our cloud communication platform - Call Monitoring! These features empower you with more control and monitoring during your calls.

**1. Call Spying

Ever wanted to silently monitor ongoing calls to ensure quality and compliance?

Our Call Spying feature allows authorized users to listen in on calls without the parties being aware. Enhance training, provide real-time feedback, and improve customer service effortlessly.

**2. Call Barging

Need to intervene or assist during any call? 

Our Call Barging feature enables authorized users to join an ongoing call. Collaborate, resolve issues, and enhance customer satisfaction by providing immediate support when needed. Kind of a con call but it is not a three way call.

**3. Call Whispering

Guidance just a whisper away! 

With Call Whispering, authorized users can coach or advise an agent during a call without the other party hearing. Enhance training, boost agent performance, and improve customer interactions.